I was first introduced to the practice of yoga 15 years ago, It started as a means to momentarily ‘check out’ from a stressful world into an activity which brought about quiet. I considered it merely a complement to running as a work out, yoga simply began as extra-curricular therapy. At university I first studied fine art and sculpture next, Law. Yoga was something I ‘did’ rather than knowing that it is a state of being. I visited different varieties of Buddhist meditation classes and yoga studios; ashtanga, hatha, iyengar, vinyasa, kundalini, laughter yoga, as a kind of tourist, picking it up and letting it fall away. It wasn’t until I went to Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica that I experienced the sense of internal balance, liberation and I understood. There I was fortunate enough to happen upon real teachers who taught yoga rather than merely asana or a relaxation class. I then went on to take further training in Los Angeles in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Besides yoga, my field of interest is communication, I took my first NLP training which was a residential immersion in a converted monastery in rural Brazil and have since woven in elements of personal development methodologies in a very loose and personal way; NLP, Spiral Dynamics and hypnosis/yoga nidra into the yoga sessions I have with clients. I’ve taken trainings in different forms of meditation such as Transcendental Meditation (TM) with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Foundation® and Reiki (Mikao Usui) to continue exploring the creative process of Self-Liberation.

Hari Om